I saw a lot of interesting posts this week.

While they’re not all direct answers to the question, “Who are you?” I think they give some insight into what drives the writers.

Which, of course, is what a good blog post should do, don’t you think?

Let’s get to ’em.

1. The limits of online influence, by Tom Webster.

Why: this is a fascinating look at an exercise in trying to drive action via online influencers. The answer will surprise you.

And h/t to Courtney Vaught of Traackr for pointing me to this.

2. Turn your blog into an iPad app!, by Tom Moradpour.

Why: Tom pointed me to this after Friday’s post on making your blog mobile friendly. I love the way he laid the steps out.

3. 20+ Mind-blowing social media statistics: one year later, by Jake Hird for eConsultancy.

Why: some really cool stats that may be useful to you the next time you’re putting a presentation (or blog post) together.

4. A/B testing: taking your website from good to great, by Shelly Kramer.

Why: love the way Shelly makes the case.

5. A better way to produce nonprofit annual reports, by Michael Hoffman of See3 over at Beth Kanter’s blog.

Why: talk about a potential paper-killer. I’m all for it.

6. Who am I? PR, public relations or social media?, by Stuart Bruce.

Why: it’s the quintessential question so many of us are struggling to answer.

7. The better blogging formula: think, do, write, by Tyler Tervooren over at Problogger.

Why: the next time “blogger block” rears its ugly head, read this. It will help you.

Image: Filipe Dâmaso Saraiva via Flickr, CC 2.0